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Cleansing your Crystals & Gemstones

Crystals and Gemstones collect Negative Energies and MUST be cleansed on a regular basis in order for their properties to be the most effective. If you cleanse your crystals regularly it will release them of the negative energies they have picked up through healing and to help them work more efficiently for you.

It is always a good idea to cleanse Crystal & Gemstones before and after using them and especially if you have purchased a new stone, cleanse it before as it will have been handled by potentially many people. Use your intuition, if your crystals feel dull and undesirable, you need to cleanse them. Larger crystals placed in a room will not need to be cleansed as often, unless they are being handled by other people or are placed near electrical items. If this is the case cleanse them after others have handled them or if they are usually positioned close to computers, TV's or such items as they will store the stress & negative energies that are coming from them. Always cleanse crystals after being used for healing.

There are several methods of cleansing, choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

Cleanse with Water Hold your stones; crystals under running water. If you have a stream or river close to you this is perfect, however, not vital as tap water will suffice, although is not as effective. Hold the crystals in your cupped hands and imagine all the negativity being washed away with the water. You can hold them under the water and then put them in the sun to dry. *Always remember that some stones like Selenite or Halite will disintegrate in water. A better method to cleanse these stones would be to ALWAYS store them with Carnelian Agate. If you have just obtained these stones it is a good idea to place them with a Carnelian Agate at least overnight (minimum 24 hours) to clear away the negativity.

Visualisation This is my personal favourite as it is easy and quick. If you need to cleanse a crystal quickly use visualisation. Imagine a brilliant white light filling the stone (Brilliant White contains every colour in the spectrum) or imagine a fire burning the negative energies. Simply hold the crystal in your hand and breathe onto it to increase the visualisation then blow away all of the negativity.

Ask the Universe Hold your chosen crystal in the palm of your hands, blow once on the crystal as a sign to you and the crystal that you are going to use it, then just ask the Universe to please cleanse this crystal. That's it.

Smoke or Incense Aromatic smoke helps to cleanse your crystals. Frankincense, sandalwood and sage have a long history of purification. Hold each crystal in the smoke until you feel it is cleansed.

Salt Using Salt can be more complicated because salt can damage softer crystals. ALWAYS check a list of Mohs Scale of Hardness BEFORE USING salt to cleanse your crystals & gemstones. NEVER use salt to cleanse softer crystals & gemstones. Crystals & gemstones have been used for hundreds of years to protect against negativity. They have the ability to absorb imbalances into itself and as such it is very important to discard any salt used for cleansing afterwards. The easiest process would be to bury your crystal in dry sea salt for 24 hours.